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Preventive Mainteinance
AFTER-SALES I Preventive Mainteinance

We understand that nobody knows a system of compression better that manufacturer, and we are aware of the importance of the operative availability and reliability of the service given by the stations of transport natural gas. That's why, we have developed a Management System of Maintenance through the application of Engineering skills and strategies that grant its contribution to the generation of utilities and benefits for the station.

To rely on a Contract of Maintenance guarantees the correct operation, the good functioning and a long productive life for Aspro equipments.

With the application of fundamental concepts for the maintenance, such as:

Maintenance based on condition.
Prevention of failures.
Planning and programming of maintenance.
Application and evaluation of indicators of functioning and results.
Opportune maintenance.
Preventive maintenance.
Corrective maintenance.
Progress maintenance
Management of quality systems.
Managemant of safety systems.
Systems of information and administration of maintenance.
Standardized procedures.

To request the maintenance adapted for your station click here.

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